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  • The country’s rapid GDP growth - which, according to the World Bank, averaged 11.9 % from 2005 to 2010 - is primarily driven by oil exports. Angola is currently the second-largest oil-producing nation in sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Potential for growth in bilateral trade and investment between Canada and Angola is promising. In 2013, two-way merchandise trade fell slightly to $1.63 billion, consisting of $80 million in exports to, and $1.55 billion in imports from, Angola.

  •  Top Canadian merchandise exports to Angola include vegetables, textiles and meat.

  • Top Canadian merchandise imports from Angola consist mainly of mineral fuels and oils, stone, plaster and cement products and optical instruments but the majority of imports $1.5 billion were fuels and oils.

  • Angola's post-conflict reconstruction needs are vast. Several Canadian companies have shown interest in the mining sector, infrastructure refurbishment, building and construction, agricultural equipment, education, transportation and the information and communications technology (ICT) sectors.

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